Legal Notifications

All Farm Collection Items are exclusive intellectual design property of MCSoul and as such are protected under US Copyright laws. Items in this collection may not be copied or replicated under any circumstance. Persons found to be violating this order will be reported. 

MCSoul also has several other exclusive intellectual designs under the MCS Dangled Collection, Diffused Collection, Leather Lovers, and Druzy Collection. These handmade designs fall under the US Intellectual Property laws and as such are covered under US Copyright Laws. Items may not be copied or replicated and any sharing of MCSoul photos with other vendors, or groups used as your own designs is strictly prohibited. 

 Momma's Country Soul/Owners are not liable under any circumstance for injury, reaction, or damage to or from any goods purchased. By making your purchase you are entering into a waiver of liability agreement and as such MCS cannot be held legally responsible in any form.